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Live from Pearl Street Warehouse

Saturdays at 3pm EDT.

This weekly one-hour program will present a different live concert every week, recorded live at the Pearl Street Warehouse, Washington, DC’s new Americana and Bluegrass music venue. Pearl Street Warehouse opened its doors in 2017 to present live performances in American music styles on DC’s booming Southwest Waterfront.

Bluegrass Country Radio Director Chris Teskey will host, bringing his knowledge and experience in Bluegrass broadcasting to his discussion with the performing artists, helping listeners learn more about the musicians and their music.

The series premiere is Saturday, February 16, when Bluegrass Country presents the Grammy-winning Danny Barnes Trio, recorded at the Pearl Street Warehouse in January.

This marks the first joint initiative between Bluegrass Country and community institutions in the Nation’s Bluegrass Capital.

Bill Sherard, President of the Bluegrass Country Foundation remarked “Our ‘Live from the Pearl Street Warehouse’ series marks a new stage of community involvement for Bluegrass Country.  It’s the kind of radio that few radio stations can or are willing to do these days.  And yet, it’s radio at its best. Live and local with America’s best performers.”

About hosting “Live from Pearl Street Warehouse” Teskey added, “The ubiquity of recorded music has brought the spotlight back to live music, where listeners can experience the creative process of music as it occurs. There is nothing like it.”

Tune into Bluegrass Country Radio every Saturday at 3pm EDT for more music recorded live “Live from Pearl Street Warehouse” on Washington, DC’s Southwest Waterfront.


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Bill Sherard

President, Bluegrass Country Foundation

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