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Bluegrass Country Radio is a station built by listeners for listeners. When American University made the decision to discontinue Bluegrass Country Radio, bluegrass lovers, musicians, and advocates from the DC area and beyond raised the call to save Bluegrass Radio and preserve the 50-year tradition of Bluegrass Country Radio for years to come. From a grassroots effort of fundraising and organizing, the Bluegrass Country Foundation was founded. From hosts to musicians to listeners, Bluegrass Country Radio continues to foster a community of bluegrass fans from far and wide.

Although our transition is ongoing, we are proud to present a weekly program schedule filled with excellent shows. Many are familiar to prior listeners, others are new, and still others are in the works. Check out the station’s new program schedule at the Show Schedule tab. Learn about our program hosts under Team. Then let us know what you enjoy most and what you think we can do better.

We value your feedback, we ask your financial support, and we urge you to volunteer if you have an interest in helping the station move forward. Check back often for updates on our membership options, designed to keep you in closer touch with the music and the musicians. In the meantime, save the afternoon of April 23, to attend the Foundation’s all-star fundraising concert for the station. You won’t want to miss the great line-up of top bluegrass artists who are coming to perform. The performers and ticket sales will be announced soon.

Thank you for listening, and spread the word!

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Bluegrass Country is transmitted over the airwaves by American University's WAMU station.  All content is produced by the Bluegrass Country Foundation, a 501(c)(3) federally exempt organization in the United States of America. When you support us with a donation you may deduct the amount of your contribution (U.S. only and subject to IRS regulations). It's your ongoing listener support that keeps the music on the air.

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