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Bluegrass Country Broadcast Coverage Map

Broadcast coverage map for both 88.5 HD-2 and 105.5 FM showing expanded coverage area for 88.5 HD2

The solid lines represent 88.5 HD-2 and the dotted lines represent 105.5 FM.

Quick tips for listening to 88.5 HD-2

Within the solid red line 

  • you will hear a great signal almost everywhere

Within the solid purple line

  • the signal will come and go while moving in a vehicle
  • some areas will have no signal
  • reception will be better with an improved antenna or altitude (e.g., upper floors of buildings, top of hills)

Within the solid blue line

  • the signal will definitely to come and go while moving in a vehicle
  • reception will only be possible with an improved antenna or altitude (e.g., upper floors of buildings, roof-mounted or amplified antenna, top of hills)
For comparison of the two signals:
  • The area for listening to 105.5 FM is significantly smaller than for 88.5 HD-2.  This is due to FCC regulations, which limit the signal strength.
  • HD radios operate digitally and the signal will either sound great (when the signal is received) or you will hear nothing (no signal is received).
  • FM radios will experience static and other anomalies (e.g., the loss of stereo and interference with other stations or radios sources) when the signal is too weak.
  • The coverage areas drawn on the map are only an  approximation.  Due to constantly changing environmental conditions, such as topography, temperature, cloud cover, time of day, and weather, you may experience the loss of signal in any of the coverage areas, especially if you are moving in a vehicle.
  • The probability of losing a signal increases the farther you are from the transmitter.

Please contact support@BluegrassCountryFoundation.org if you have any questions.