Few people in bluegrass have worn as many hats as Fred Bartenstein.  He’s a writer, historian, promoter, broadcaster, record producer, educator, musician and more.  He is co-editor of the new book Industrial Strength Bluegrass,  and his landmark radio show Banks of the Ohio – Music from the Homeplace of Bluegrass is rebroadcast twice a week on Bluegrass Country.  He’s interviewed as part of the latest series of the Bluegrass Stories podcast, which can be heard beginning May 26.

Bluegrass Stories is a podcast hosted by former WAMU and Bluegrass Country host and program director Katy Daley and Howard Parker. Along with mandolinist Akira Otsuka, they started the podcast in April 2019 as a way of getting behind the scenes in the bluegrass business. They’ve interviewed musicians, instrument builders and dealers, promoters, educators, broadcasters – anyone with a good story to share.

The podcast began its eighth series on May 17 with Ira Gitlin, and continues with Bartenstein, banjo legend Alan Munde on June 7 and California Bluegrass Association president Theresa Gooding  on June 16.

The Bluegrass Stories podcast is available now on Apple, Google, Facebook, Soundcast and at katydaley.com, where you can listen to series 8 and all of the previous podcasts.