John Lawless, a banjo player and instructor (who admits his first exposure to the banjo was Mr. Greenjeans on Captain Kangaroo), has been at the helm and helped launch three companies that have been important to the dissemination of instruction and news of the bluegrass music industry; Accutab, The Bluegrass Blog and BluegrassToday.  He describes his career and thoughts with Katy Daley in the March 10 episode of the Bluegrass Stories podcast.

Bluegrass Stories is a podcast hosted by former WAMU and Bluegrass Country host and program director Katy Daley and Howard Parker.  Along with mandolinist Akira Otsuka, they started the podcast in April 2019 as a way of getting behind the scenes in the bluegrass business.   They’ve interviewed musicians, instrument builders and dealers, promoters, educators, broadcasters – anyone with a good story to share.

The podcast is now in its fourth “season,” which released new podcasts weekly from February 4 to March 10.  Interviews in this series include Bluegrass Country program director Chris Teskey, Adam Kirr and Phil Chorney of Charm City Bluegrass, Gibson Brothers sideman and friend Eric O’Hara, Dudley Connell of the Seldom Scene, musician/educator Tara Linhardt and John Lawless, editor of Bluegrass Today.

The Bluegrass Stories podcast is available now on Apple, Google, Facebook, Soundcast and at, where you can listen to any of the 38 podcasts.