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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why did my existing Internet stream stop working?

Beginning March 1, 2017, Bluegrass Country transitioned to a more cost-effective streaming provider.  You should be able to access the webstream from your computer by clicking the arrow on the right side of the menu bar.  If you're having any problem, be sure to confirm the link on your computer, Internet radio, tablet, etc.  The new link is:

If you still experience any difficulty, please send an email to support@bluegrassCountryFoundation.org

What is Bluegrass Country? Are you public, commercial, part of American University or something else?

Bluegrass Country is owned and operated by the nonprofit Bluegrass Country Foundation. We provide music programming to WAMU and ride on American University's broadcast license, but we receivie no direct financial support from American University.  We are supported by donations from BluegrassCountry.org listeners,  corporate sponsors and special fundraising events.  Our content and selection of music is determined solely by the Bluegrass Country hosts and production staff.

How Do I Donate to Bluegrass Country?

We encourage you to become a member! You can do so by visiting the Bluegrass Country Foundation donation page here.

Why do you repeat programs?

Bluegrass Country currently uses a combination of live radio, programs created specifically for the station, programs created by independent producers, and syndicated programs from across the country and around the world.  We repeat programs in order to fill a 24 hour 7 day a week service schedule, and give our listeners a chance to hear programs they may have missed the first time.  With increased financial support in the future, we expect to add additional programming.

Why don’t you offer “audio on demand” so I can listen to programs at a time convenient to me?

There are legal restrictions on which Internet streams may be delivered on-demand, and Bluegrass Country does not have the rights for on-demand music streams. We do provide an archive of past Bluegrass Country broadcasts, in 5-hour programming segments.  Check it out.

Why don’t you pre-announce or display the titles of the current set of songs as you play them?

Unlike terrestrial radio broadcasts, internet streams are prohibited from posting or announcing the specific titles of upcoming tracks. Also, unlike many streams, our shows are actual radio programs, not individual songs strung together off a hard drive, and as such, our hosts do not automatically record the artist and title of each track.  For those shows that do register the tracks, you can find the titles and artists on our live player app.

I would like to make a donation to support Bluegrass Country. How can I be assured my credit card number is secure when I send it to you via the Internet?

We value your privacy and security, so your transaction is processed by our secure server. After your sale is completed your card information is deleted or stored in an encrypted database and you have complete access to make changes or cancel your membership. If you have additional security concerns, please contact us.