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Updated May 21, 2024

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Welcome to the Bluegrass Country festival calendar.  We list bluegrass, old time and Americana festivals in the US and Canada by month, plus a separate section for festivals beyond North America.  There are some festivals that haven’t published their 2024 dates.  If you know about a 2024 festival that isn’t on our list, please send us the information.

“Bluegrass festival” is a broad category, encompassing old time fiddlers’ conventions, family weekends, street fairs, mega-music festivals and everything in between.  We’ve provided links to the festival websites so you can check the lineups, schedules, admission fees, facilities, whether there’s camping, jamming etc. Our calendar only lists events when we can find a current secure website or Facebook page.  Check back often, as we add new events when we find them.

So pack up your instruments, load the camper and hit the road!

UPDATES.  Check the calendar for details.  Our online calendar starts with the current month.  To see the full year, order the printable calendar.

New Listing:  
Shriners Bluegrass Festival in Maryland

New listings: Morris Bluegrass Festival in Connecticut, Cline Country Bluegrass Festival in California; Campbellton Bluegrass Festival in New Brunswick, Canada

New listings:  Freiolsheim Bluegrass Festival in Germany, Molesworth Bluegrass & Country Music Festival in Australia

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