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I want to listen to Bluegrass Country around the house

On my computer or tablet with our webstream players

On our website, BluegrassCountry.org, our stream will be heard automatically when you go to our page.  We also have a high quality streaming player which is accessed by scrolling down the home page and selecting the Live Radio Player.  Most computers are now equipped with players that can play a stream encoded with what is termed the “Advanced Audio Codec” or ACC.  Our live player uses this format.  If your computer does not recognize this format, continue using the player on our home page, which is encoded in the mp3 format.  The live player has some useful add-ons.  Just click on the arrow at the bottom left of the player.  You will see this screen pop up:

Image of ACC Player for Bluegrass Country webstream

From this page you can access our Facebook page and our YouTube page.  You can also view news headlines, local traffic and weather, finance and sports highlights.

On my computer or tablet with other players

You can access our streams directly by pointing your browser to http://ice24.securenetsystems.net/WAMU2  for the mp3 stream or http://ice24.securenetsystems.net/WAMU   for the aac stream.

The default player on your computer will play the stream.  The most common format which works for older and newer browsers is the mp3 format.  If one stream doesn’t work try the other stream.  If you continue to have problems, contact us at support@bluegrasscountryfoundation.org.

On an Internet radio

Many of our listeners enjoy listening to Bluegrass Country on their Internet radios.  We have heard from some listeners that they cannot find our station.  This is because the radio uses a database which has not been updated to include the current Bluegrass Country stream address.  If you can directly enter a stream address use http://ice24.securenetsystems.net/WAMU2.

If you are unable to enter a stream address, in some cases you can go to the website of the Internet radio manufacturer to request an update, but if all else fails drop an email to us at support@bluegrasscountryfoundation.org and we will do our best to help you.

On an HD radio

With an HD radio, listeners will experience much better reception and audio quality over a much wider area than with 105.5 because of the HD technology and the signal’s power, which is the maximum permitted in the Washington area by the FCC.  If you do not yet have an HD-capable radio to hear 88.5-HD2, you can purchase one of a number of HD radios that meets your needs.  A list of the current home HD radios can be found at HDRadio.com.  A very nice portable HD radio is made by Ibiquity available at many Best Buy Stores for $49.99.  The radio can also be ordered at the Best Buy website.

For listeners who want to take Bluegrass Country with them on a walk or jog, Audiovox makes a small portable HD receiver.  Just plug your headphones into the audio jack and enjoy the music.

The 88.5-HD2 signal reliable throughout the Washington, DC area out to a radius of about 30 miles from the transmitter located in Northwest DC.  (Click to see a map).

To obtain the best signal, try locating the radio near a window and extending the antenna fully.  Moving the radio a small distance and reorienting the antenna will produce a reliable signal.

In some locations, you may want to use a roof mounted or amplifier for your antenna to improve the HD-2 signal.

Have a problem or a question on listening to Bluegrass Country? Contact us at support@bluegrasscountryfoundation.org or 202.491.3347