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I want to listen to Bluegrass Country in my car

Bluegrass Country’s best radio signal always has been 88.5 HD-2. On June 21, 2017 it will be our only signal over the air, and you can rely on its continuation without change. Listeners will experience much better reception and audio quality over a much wider area than with 105.5 because of the HD technology and the signal’s power, which is the maximum permitted in the Washington area by the FCC. Click here to see a map of the of the broadcast area.

If you do not yet use an HD-capable radio to hear 88.5 HD-2, here’s how:

With a factory installed HD radio

You may already have HD capability in your car. Since around 2012, more and more new cars are including an HD-capable radio as standard equipment; yet a number of our listeners have reported they did not realize they had one. With an HD-capable radio, tune to 88.5 FM. After WAMU’s talk radio station is displayed in the HD mode as Channel #1 for 88.5, you may tune up one station to hear Bluegrass Country, which is displayed as Channel #2 for 88.5.

With an after-market HD Radio

Many cars can be equipped with an after-market HD-capable radio manufactured by companies such as as JVC, Alpine, Kenwood, Clarion, Pioneer, Sony, eXcelon and others. An easy way to select an HD-capable radio for your car is to contact retailers such as Best Buy or Crutchfield, who can offer installation service or, for do-it-yourselfers, installation kits.

Listen to 88.5 HD-2 in via mobile device (data plan or Wi-Fi connection is required)

Select a connection technology and a method for connecting your device to your car's audio system, if desired (see below). 

Listen to the Bluegrass Country webstream with my phone using the Bluegrass Country App (Android or iPhone)

If you use a smart phone, it gives you the capability to listen to Bluegrass Country in the car as everywhere else, from any location where your phone has service. Our free Bluegrass Country app is the most direct method, requiring only a single touch to start the music stream. Users of Android and iPhone products alike may download the app. There are other ways to access the stream, too.

Listen to the Bluegrass Country webstream with my device using the TuneIn App or any number of other Internet radio apps)

Just download the free TuneIn app, setup the station as http://ice24.securenetsystems.net/WAMU2.

Listen to the Bluegrass Country live webstream or broadcast archive via BluegrassCountry.org

If you use a smart phone browser with Adobe Flash, you can listen via our website. Note: Android phones, by default, do not support Adobe Flash. Other Internet browsers, such as Dolphin support Adobe Flash on Android devices.


Connecting your phone to your car system

Once your phone is equipped to tune in the Bluegrass Country web stream, here are options for listening to it with your audio system:

Connect an audio cable to your car’s audio “Aux” or auxiliary jack
Many later model car radios are equipped with an auxiliary audio jack, which permits various audio devices to be plugged into the car radio directly. Using the jack simply requires a stereo audio cable with a 1/8” stereo plug at each end, which is available at many retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and others. Once your phone is connected to your audio system in this way and you've selected "AUX" as your input source, you may listen to the Bluegrass Country stream selected on your phone.

Listen with a Bluetooth connection to your car’s audio system
Many later model car radios are capable of connecting to phones using Bluetooth. Some just support phone calls, while others will also play any audio source from your phone, to include any music files and the Bluegrass Country stream. Check your car’s manual to see if your car supports Bluetooth for audio.

Listen with a mini-FM transmitter to your car’s audio system
If your car radio is not equipped with an audio jack or Bluetooth, a third option is to use an inexpensive mini-FM transmitter such as this one available at Amazon. When you plug the mini-transmitter into your phone’s headphone jack, you can listen to your phone’s audio on your FM radio by tuning to the FM frequency indicated on your mini transmitter.