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I want to listen to Bluegrass Country in public and on the go

Whether your in the Bluegrass Country coverage area or not, you can always listen to Bluegrass Country with a mobile data plan or Internet access.  Here's how:

In the HD2 coverage area:

For listeners who want to take Bluegrass Country with them on a walk or jog, Audiovox makes a small portable HD receiver.  Just plug your headphones into the audio jack and enjoy the music.

The 88.5-HD2 signal is available throughout the Washington, DC area out to a radius of about 30 miles from the transmitter located in Northwest DC. (click here to see a map)

To obtain the best signal, try locating the radio near a window and extending the antenna fully.  With FM reception moving the radio a small distance and reorienting the antenna will produce a reliable signal.

Listen to 88.5 HD-2 via mobile device anywhere

Listen to the Bluegrass Country webstream with my phone using the Bluegrass Country App (Android or IPhone)

You the capability to listen to Bluegrass Country  from any location where your phone has service. Our free Bluegrass Country app is the most direct method, requiring only a single touch to start the music stream. Users of Android and iPhone products alike may download the app.  

Listen to the Bluegrass Country webstream with my phone using the TuneIn App or any number of other Internet radio apps 

Just download the free TuneIn app, setup the station as http://ice24.securenetsystems.net/WAMU2.

(Note that this app may be downloaded to other devices with Internet connections as well.)

Listen to the Bluegrass Country webstream via BluegrassCountry.org

If you use a smart phone browser with Adobe Flash, you can listen via our website.  Note: Android phones, by default, do not support Adobe Flash.  Other Internet browsers, such as Dolphin support Android devices.