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Portable HD Radio

HD radioBluegrass Country has tested the Audiovox portable HD Radio and wished to inform its listeners about its performance in the Washington, DC area.

  • The radio was selected as a “last resort” for use in automobiles when no other option is available.
  • Preferable solutions are, in the order listed:
    1. built-in factory HD radio
    2. smartphone (IPhone or android)
    3. replacement HD radio
    4. Audiovox portable HD radio connected to an AUX port to the built-in radio (the Auxiliary cable will server as the antenna and may need to be long enough and repositioned to receive a reliable signal
    5. Using the Audiovox portable HD radio via a “mini-FM tuner” will work, but may nor give satisfactory performance if the signal is weak.

The Audiovox portable HD was designed to be used with headphones (there is no built-in speaker) with the headphone cable acting as an antenna.  In testing, the device worked fine in a car and outdoors, but performed poorly in office buildings and some homes.

If you made a donation during the recent fund raising drive and you wish to reconsider your gift, please send an email to support@bluegrasscountryfoundation.org

In consideration of any inconvenience this may cause, the Bluegrass Country will offer a $40 credit to anyone who requested a portable radio who would rather have an HD radio installed in their vehicle using BestBuy .  BestBuy sells an HD radio/CD combo that cost $99.  The full cost including car-specific parts and labor will generally be around $200.  Just send in a paid receipt for the HD radio and will issue you a check.

If you have any questions send an email to support@BluegrassCountryFoundation.org



If you selected the Portable HD radio as a Thank You gift,