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Chris Teskey Show



  • Editor’s Picks

    Editor's Picks

    12:00 am 1:00 am
    Each week we feature the best performances and interviews produced in the studios of WAMU’s Bluegrass Country.
  • Overnight


    1:00 am 7:00 am
    Each weeknight we air encore presentations of some of your favorite live Bluegrass Country shows.
  • Chris Teskey Show

    Chris Teskey Show

    7:00 am 10:00 am
    Chris brings listeners three hours of a wide range of bluegrass from traditional to progressive to soothe frayed nerves for those caught in DC traffic.
  • Bluegrass on the Bay

    Bluegrass on the Bay

    10:00 am 12:00 pm
    Join Jay Armsworthy each Tuesday morning for a program he calls Bluegrass by the Bay.
  • The Al Steiner Show

    The Al Steiner Show

    12:00 pm 3:00 pm
    Al Steiner was a host of Bluegrass Overnight on WAMU from mid-1989 to mid-2001. He hosted various folk music programs on WXPN-FM, Philadelphia at the [...]
  • Lee Michael Demsey Show

    Lee Michael Demsey Show

    3:00 pm 6:00 pm
    Lee has hosted bluegrass programs on WAMU 88.5’s airwaves for over 30 years. He continues his tradition of spinning contemporary bluegrass for you each afternoon during your drive home.
  • Bluegrass Breakdown

    Bluegrass Breakdown

    6:00 pm 7:00 pm
    Nashville Public Radio's Bluegrass Breakdown is an emotionally-charged, heart-rending, paint-peeling, splinter-kicking one hour bluegrass show.   Host Dave Higgs picks songs that fit the theme of each show - often in unexpected ways, always entertaining.
  • Music from Foggy Hollow

    Music from Foggy Hollow

    7:00 pm 10:00 pm
    Every week Mike Kear broadcasts his show, Music From Foggy Hollow on Sydney’s Hawkesbury Radio and then packages it up and ships it to us. And we’re glad he does because everyone loves the laughter, the jokes, the music news and, oh yes, the bluegrass from down under!
  • The Dick Spottswood Show

    The Dick Spottswood Show

    10:00 pm 12:00 am
    Concentrating on music from the 1920s through 1950s, but reaching back to the 1890s and the beginnings of recorded sound, each of Dick’s programs brings listeners a surprising collection of recordings - from cylinders to 78’s and LP’s - highlighting the many facets of folk culture in the United States.