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Lee Michael Demsey was born in California in 1953. He moved to suburban D.C. in 1960 and has lived his life in Maryland ever since. His college years were spent at American University in Washington, where he earned a Bachelors degree in Communications in 1975. Working at the student station as music director, he began to earn a few extra dollars as a substitute engineer at WAMU-FM, the University’s professionally run 50,000 watt public radio station shortly before graduation.

Lee has hosted bluegrass programs on WAMU 88.5’s airwaves for over 30 years. He continues his tradition of spinning contemporary bluegrass for you, LIVE in the studio, each weekday from 3pm to 6pm, with artist interviews and your requests.

In 1975 Lee joined WAMU 88.5 as the host of “Rock n’ Roll Jukebox,” a heavy metal and progressive rock show. “Rock n’ Roll Jukebox” was the second most listened to show on the station at the time, behind “Saturday Morning Bluegrass.” In 1991, he was honored with the Broadcaster of the Year award from the IBMA. Currently Lee compiles the monthly bluegrass charts for Bluegrass Unlimited.

In Lee’s own words… “Through the many years I’ve been involved in radio, my greatest joy comes in sharing music with the listener, [music] that might be full of joy or might bring a tear to your eye, [music] that features an amazing vocalist or a gifted group of instrumentalists. Though there’s always a lot to be said for the tried and true bluegrass music, it’s always a great pleasure to introduce you to a new artist or a new song.”

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