Underwriting Bluegrass Country helps support bluegrass, old-time and American roots music that is largely ignored by mainstream radio.

At the same time, your business gains a significant marketing advantage. Bluegrass Country delivers a target audience of extremely loyal, active listeners who have a keen interest in music.  Many of them are more than just fans – they’re pickers.  Bluegrass  and old-time music fans are singers, they play guitars and banjos and mandolins and fiddles, they gather at jams and festivals for the sheer joy of playing and singing.  They are passionate about their tools: instruments, cases, strings, picks, electronics.  They wear t-shirts and caps displaying their favorite bands, but more often festivals, instrument logos, or just generic bluegrass themes.  And they count on Bluegrass Country to keep up with the music they love, to hear new recordings, to find out where they can go to hear music live, and to learn.

Underwriting is an affordable and effective way to reach this audience, and extend your marketing dollars.

Contact Polly Sherard at sponsor@bluegrasscountry.org to talk about how underwriting Bluegrass Country can benefit your company or organization.