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Thanks to you if you’ve already volunteered. The response to our request has been gratifying. We are interviewing each submission to make the best match for our needs, so please be patient.

We are seeking two new volunteer positions at present:
Traffic Director – No, not the traffic we all drive in daily. This is the traffic of All Things Not Musical aired on Bluegrass Country. Underwriting credits, station program announcements - all fall under this umbrella. It’s all achieved by a “traffic system”, an app that schedules and keeps track of these announcements. If you enjoy and have bookkeeping experience, this may be your way to help Bluegrass Country in a big way. For more information, please check “Traffic Director” and we will be in touch to explain this important role in more detail.
WordPress Expert - WordPress is the application we use to design and build our website. If your background includes WordPress consulting and expertise, please help. Your experience will help us make our site better for Bluegrass Country fans everywhere.

If you have any questions or just want to share something, just email send an email to volunteers@bluegrasscountry.org. We’d love to get to know you!